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Becky Howard expresses an atmosphere of freedom with individual pursuit. She believes color creates communication which magnifies your individuality and speaks in that direction. Color is the element of form and arouses the artist’s appeal. Howard is drawn to color leaving her every opportunity to take her own photos of all of her subject matters which adds to the creation of her creativity. She brings her shots back to her Studio in Southport, North Carolina, creating a composition that is pleasing to the eye. Howard feels that color is the key ingredient to captivate the cools and warms on her palette. Howard has a unique sensitivity of color that enables her to excel in her work whether it is on canvas or paper.


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"Spring Shadows"

"Old Baldy"

Becky has a B.A. in Creative Art from The University of North Carolina in Wilmington. She did an internship at St. John’s Art Museum in Wilmington before graduation. She has studied under many noted artist such as the late Frederic Taubes and Robert Calrow. Howard was fortunate to have the opportunity to study with international well known Russian artist Tatiana McKinney for sixteen summers. Tatiana taught in Brazil and Greece and captivated her students with the concept that art is a language of visual emotions, a product of personal interpretation. Through McKinney’s directions, she brought to the surface what Howard needed to captivate on her palette.  Howard has attended numerous workshops from renowned artist throughout the states, but nothing surpasses the “hands on” of learning and bringing it to the surface.

Howard has traveled both domestic and international, leaving her a wide range of subject matters that attract the artist, an innate love of landscape and architect. During the summer of 2007 she enjoyed painting the gardens of Monet while in Europe, and gracing the beauty and landscape of The State of Utah with drenching colors of oranges and reds to captivate the vibrant colors in The Canyons. In 2008 she traveled in the summer to Vigaliahi, Italy to study art. In the summer of 2009 she was in Alaska taking many pictures to return home and paint.

She is a recipient of numerous awards throughout the state and out of state. She was  juried in the National Watercolor Signature and Associate Show in California and  received The Daniel Green Award with The North Carolina Watercolor Society.

Her works are in many corporate and private locations. She continues to judge shows and speak to groups pertaining to her work. Howard hopes to continue her energy to preserve the best qualities of art in her paintings.

"Red Poppies"

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